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  • What is GoBarakah?
    GoBarakah is a one-stop beneficiary and social assistance management platform. It is an innovative digital solution for impactful and transparent distribution of social assistance and donations whether from individuals or organizations via the creation of secure e-vouchers which are sent directly to the intended beneficiaries. GoBarakah enables government agencies, charity organizations, corporate bodies and individual donors to donate to a shared beneficiary database that is managed, vetted and curated by LCWD with the support of all the organizations above. All beneficiaries listed on Barakah have their identities protected and can be accessible by organizations. However public donors can only choose beneficiary recipient by their GoBarakah Public ID, or based on profiling or by programmes.
  • Is GoBarakah a crowdfunding or fundraising platform?
    While GoBarakah lends credibility to your fundraising campaigns, it is NOT a crowdfunding platform. On GoBarakah, all donations are assigned and locked to the beneficiary directly (when a donor knows the beneficiary Public ID) or via the assistance programmes (where programme owners will assign the assistance to their selected beneficiary list) .The beneficiary has total control and can view the cash/e-vouchers that have been donated and assigned to them when they login to their Beneficiary dashboard.
  • How can GoBarakah benefit organizations in managing their CSR and social assistance programmes?
    Efficient Distribution of Aid: Barakahstreamlines the distribution of aid by digitizing the process. NGOs and charitable organizations can easily distribute e-vouchers to beneficiaries, eliminating the need for physical vouchers or cash transactions. This ensures a more efficient and transparent distribution system. Reduced Administrative Burden: Barakah can significantly reduce administrative burdens associated with paperwork, verification, and tracking. The platform automates many of these processes, allowing organizations to allocate their resources more effectively.
  • What are the benefits of joining as a vendor on the GoBarakah platform?
    When you join as Barakah's approved vendors, you have the opportunity to increase your revenue when your business establishment is chosen as a point of redemption for social assistance programmes or direct donation e-vouchers. Social assistance programmes can be funded by government or non-government organizations and can involve large sums in terms of value of business for your establishment. When social assistance e-vouchers are redeemed at your outlined, they will be quickly reimbursed to you in less than 3 days.
  • How can I make an impact as a vendor on Barakah?
    As a vendor, you can make an impact when you give vendor cashbacks to the platform whenever a Brakah e-vouchers are redeemed at your outlet. These cashbacks effectively are discounts given to programme owners and will stretch the donation value of donors (reducing prices of essential goods and products redeemed). Cashbacks are returned to programme owners as a form of credit to be spent on helping more beneficiaries.
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